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Josh Smith

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About Me

Hi, I'm Josh an American/Dutch dual citizen living in the Netherlands. I've been involved with music since as long as I can remember. I had my first piano lesson at the ripe, old age of 3. That was 30 years ago!

I've played in many bands and written a ton of music in a variety of styles. Reggae, folk, ska, classical. You name it, I've probably played it. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not doing something involving music, be it practicing, composing, programming, recording, researching or studying.

Latest Projects

Synthesis Exploration

Synthesis Exploration

I can get lost in a synthesizer for days; programming, tweaking, and playing until I get a sound just right. My current obsession is the Teenage Engineering OP-1, a mix of beautiful, high quality, and functional design. You can download some of my OP-1 patches below.

Download my OP-1 patches

project name

Various Bands

I joined my first band way back in 1996 and have played in many more since. It's been my ticket to seeing a lot of the world and it's how I ended up in the Netherlands.



  • 2015 - Goodwill Tapes - It Was No Dream - songwriting, lyrics, guitar, vocals, piano
  • 2015 - Hudson Falcons - Peace of Mind - organ
  • 2012 - Goodwill Tapes - Hello, It's Me - songwriting, lyrics, guitar, vocals, organ, piano, synthesizers, engineering
  • 2011 - Goodwill Tapes - From Outer Space - songwriting, lyrics, guitar, vocals, organ, piano, synthesizers, engineering
  • 2007 - Goodwill Tapes - Hear Me - songwriting, lyrics, vocals, piano, synthesizers, engineering
  • 2006 - Age Rings - Look...the Dusk Is Growing - piano, fender rhodes, organ, synthesizers
  • 2005 - The Glow - The Ghosts Are Out - guitar, backing Vocals
  • 2004 - Slater - Slater - piano
  • 2003 - Awesome Animal Ambulance - "This is Sour" - Lemon Peel - synthesizers, vocals
  • 2001 - Josh Smith - Another Movie Song? - songwriting, lyrics, piano, synthesizers

Instrumental Expertise

  • Keys - piano, organ, synthesizers, samplers, etc
  • Guitars - acoustic, electric, 12-string, baritone, bass
  • Voice - wide-range, specializing in multi-track harmonies

Audio Engineering

  • Several years experience with multi-track analog and digital recording using, Reaper, ProTools and various standalone recorders
  • Delivery of sound reinforcement and recording on location including:
    • Old South Meeting House
    • Sanders Theatre
    • Boston Conservatory Orchestra
  • Measuring and monitoring of noise levels in dB SPL ensuring operation within legal limits
  • Operating a 32 channel mixer and all relevant audio / visual equipment